When it comes to the skill level of Seguin’s workforce, the proof is in the numbers. There are thousands of manufacturing jobs in Seguin, representing nearly 30% of the private sector jobs in the city. Seguin has invested in growing the manufacturing sector by providing workforce training programs and other solutions that enable companies to thrive here. Companies like Caterpillar and Vitesco Technologies have chosen to make Seguin home because we have the skilled workforce they need to be productive.

Seguin’s workforce is dedicated, hardworking and an asset to any organization. In addition to manufacturing growth, Seguin has also seen a steady increase in the healthcare, education and retail industries. The ability to pull workers from the city and the surrounding six counties has made it easier for businesses to locate here and grow, regardless of their industry.

The SEDC allocates funding to the Central Texas Technology Center (CTTC), which has been a vital resource in driving workforce development for the area. The CTTC works with regional industries and develops their employee training programs and curriculum to fit the needs of our local manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Vitesco Technologies, Alamo Group and CMC Steel. The development of Seguin's workforce by the CTTC plays a critical role in meeting the needs of the existing businesses within the community, as well as, meeting the needs of companies looking to move to the area. 

To support continued workforce development, the SEDC is focused on working closely with existing and new businesses to determine what their needs are. Programs, initiatives and funding are available to assist with workforce development. Additionally, the SEDC can participate in recruitment efforts as needed.

Contact the SEDC to learn more about local workforce programs and available funding opportunities.


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